Comune di FerraraThe Municipality of Ferrara is particularly involved in creating virtuous policies oriented to environmental protection, conducted with a participatory approach in line with the Rio Declaration of 1992.
In 1996 was signed the ” Charter of European Cities & Towns Towards Sustainability ” known as the Aalborg Charter, committing themselves in this way to activate a process of local development in implementation with the objectives of Local Agenda 21.
In April of 1999 was signed the “Charter of Ferrara”, which sanctioned the creation of the “Italian Local Agenda 21″ and the Municipality of Ferrara approved in 2000 its Declaration of Sustainability.
In 2009, by resolution of the City Council has been approved the document “Baseline Review” of the Aalborg Commitments, a document that provides an overview and update on what has been achieved by the Administration from 2004 to 2009, within the framework of the commitments made in the Charter of Aalborg.
With the introduction, now almost ten years, of a system of environmental accounting (Environmental Report, revised and updated in the method in May 2010), the Municipality of Ferrara wanted to demonstrate its commitment to the testing of new models of local governance, thereby activating a path that provided for the gradual integration of the importance of the “environmental” value in land management.
In May 2010, the City has obtained environmental certification according to the European standard ISO 14001:04.
In November 2011, by resolution of the City Council, the City of Ferrara has signed the Covenant of Mayors, and in February 2012 the “Charter of the city by bike” for the promotion of sustainable mobility, in particular bike path.
There are many projects on waste, such as t-riciclo PC con Linux (recycling PC with Linux) designed to recover old PC still in good condition to be donated to associations, schools, etc.; Ricicletta for the recovery of scrap bicycle; Last Minute Market which contributes to reducing waste in all its forms, preventing the production of waste through the development of unsold goods from mass retailers; Ancora Utili! (Still Useful!) , oriented to collect and reuse the expired medicines from donations from individuals, clinics and hospitals for the benefit of Non-Profit Entities; Puliamo il Mondo, (Clean Up the World), an international initiative in which parks, gardens, streets, squares, rivers and beaches of many cities of the world are freed from waste and neglect; PRO-EE -Public Procurement Boosts Energy Efficiency- – with the aim of of bringing together local public administrations to implement the production and increase the purchase of a selected group of energy efficient products; Stiamo lavorando per voi (We are working for you) that includes laboratory activities for schools on environmental sustainability, combating waste and separated waste collection. In addition, regarding biodiversity, remembers the management of two areas of ecological restructuring: “Il Parchino Schiaccianoci” and “Il Bosco di Porporana”, which already has its own regulation.
More recently, the Administration has signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning interventions for the removal and disposal of products containing asbestos in compact array of domestic origin in the province of Ferrara and a second protocol for larger asbestos.
Other important actions: Protocol with the Medical Association for the separated collection, the protocol for the collection of used clothing, the Protocol with GGEV (Guardie Ecologiche Volontarie – Eco Volunteer Guards) for the contrast of abandoned waste, the Protocol for the separated collection at UNIFE, the campaign “Ferrara pulita piace anche ai fumatori” (clean Ferrara is liked also by smokers) against the abandonment of cigarette butts.
And last but not least, the Administration has supported the “Regulations ECOFESTE” which approved a special environmental integrated tariff reduction due to events (festivals, fairs, events, festivals) that adopt best practices to reduce waste generation and management of waste collection, called ECOFESTE.
The CEAS IDEA (Centro di Educazione Ambientale ed alla Sostenibilità – Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Education) of the municipality, accredited in Network INFEA of Emilia Romagna and in the process of reorganization and strengthening based on the new criteria desired by the Regional Law 29/2009, offers a wide range of documentation, educational activities and information for the public and for schools.
For further details may be seen Municipality of Ferrara


La Città VerdeLa Città Verde was founded in March 1991 and in 1994 converted into a social cooperative work placement, to offer people in need a suitable rehabilitation program centered on the inclusion in protected workplaces. It works by trying to combine high quality services and pathways of recovery and social integration. Over the years she has gained a lot of experience, from the point of view of production, in the following areas: maintenance of green areas, municipal waste, non-hazardous waste recovery, maintenance and installation of street furniture, socio-educational design and job placement. Associated with the SIC Consortium of Bologna and the Consorzio Impronte sociali (Consortium of Social Imprints) of Ferrara, is part of the third sector networks that operate in the environmental field such as the Orius Association and RREUSE.

Impronta EticaImpronta Etica is a non-profit organization for the promotion and development of corporate social responsibility, founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting sustainable development by creating a network of businesses and organizations that want social engagement as essential part of its mission and become active in social responsibility practices. The association is responsible for research, information, updates, and disclosure of sustainability issues. He has participated in several projects to combat climate change, including Microkyoto Companies, GAIA and LACRe, the last two co-financed by the European Union under the Life + program. Impronta Etica is National Partner Organization’s of CSREurope European network.

HeraThe Hera Group is one of the largest Italian multi-utility, active in the management of environmental services, water and energy. Hera operates in the provinces of Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, Rimini and Pesaro-Urbino and in some towns of the province of Florence. In the territory of reference, the Group serves approximately 3 million people. WEB SITE.
Hera has organized and participated in several projects aimed at reducing waste such as: CiboAmico (FriendlyFood), solidarity in the canteen; Hera2O to promote the use of tap water by their employees; Ancora Utili! (Still Useful!), to collect and re-use of non- expired medicines, donated by private citizens, clinics and hospitals, for local non-profit organizations engaged in humanitarian aid projects in developing countries; Turismo Sostenibile (Sustainable Tourism); Last Minute Market, to reduce waste, recover food goods unsold but still usable and improve social welfare.

RREUSERREUSE – Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises – is a European platform since 2001 that promotes the development of social enterprises operating in the field of collection, reuse and recycling of materials. Brings together 20 national and regional networks in 11 EU member states, for 42,000 jobs, 110,000 volunteers and trainees, approximately 710,000 tons of material removed from the landfill and reused or recycled. It deals with prevention, collection and selection of waste; management of chain of thrift shops, development of international projects in cooperation with private and public actors. Active in the European institutions for the promotion of the social and environmental policies, develop awareness campaigns and has participated in various projects as Leonardo, Grundtvig, Life +.